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UPDATE: The State Workers will play Cinco De Mayo... At Mckeages Tavern , which is also's CLIMATE ACTION DAY.
So, that is this Saturday. It will be very nice. We will play on a bill that includes Metalfier, Blest Mess, The Accelerators (NJ), and The Dane's own band, The Slut Junkies ++ Please Check the schedule for info about that


Music-related news:


Our Current is flowing.
Now, groundwater and surface water is for drinking, among a lot of other things. Natural gas mining can contaminate this, so there is a bill underway to RE-authorize the EPA to use the Clean Water Act to regulate 'fracking' (it used to, but a few years ago, the Gas industry had a small phrase cut out of the Clean Water Act. Let's put it back. The Hard Information follows:)

The gig at the GAGA Arts Center in Garnerville, was great, especially because of their great soundman, Matt. Thank you sir! It is a yearly at this gorgeous, hulking old industrial building by a stream! All sorts of artists gathered, and as usual things tend to turn into really cool shindigs. Food, dance, all sorts of kid friendly and nature inspired arts and crafts en masse.
for GAGA Arts Center's homepage click here and an Article about the festival here.
Also... The New York State Parks system will be host to a State Workers mess of -now belated- Earth Day outdoor concert. It will be announced as soon as we hash out a raindate for the music. it'll be at the Bear Mountain amphitheatre, as hallowed tradition dictates. (here is a flyer for last year's event, with some directions)


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Please be assured: All game was harvested following proper legal guidelines. Please respect your local law about harvesting wild food. For more information for laws surrounding the legal harvest of game visit The New York State DEC pages regarding hunting at .

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If you like the posters, download one of them by CLICKING HERE or, see the FLYERS page for more detailed options (including a psd file to play with at will) Get our carefully produced song versions at ! (pay what you wish)


Recording of the last Arlene's Grocery show (from 2008) -click here!
Bob Scofield took some wonderful Photos from that concert are Here


IF You're still gunghohoho about getting in on the Stateworker zany crew get in touch with us as we're recruiting Agents Provocateurs to do some human reaction shaping/in-room outreach in general.



By The Way, A blog is up for you. -Words Of The State- where you can ask, comment, start a logos-based intellectualslugfest, or tell us what the lyrics say. (we can't tell sometimes) TALK BACK. Click on it NOW!!!


We got some blog recognition! Check Hans' blog 'Here Comes The Flood' out




The Obama song is HERE for you FREE!



Now that it's time, turn this damned computer off and do it. Whatever it is, it's time now. Yes, now.\''

Story As Usual

You have it now, it is all good. Just a few more whatzits with the hooey and we can show you videos, audio and all that do-it-yerself type stuff we've been yammineering about. Everything will be covered: turkey conversion (from roadmat hazards to Henessy finished, basmati supported delight) out to personal Maple syrup making for the backyard armies, to Basic House Repair in Green mode aaaand back.

Sin olvidar: our music, lots of it.

Sincere thanks for the visit, come again soon (real soon) and Will will have done his job a bit more.

Love, Pete, Matt, Jim and Will: The Stateworkers


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